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wild reprivatisation in Warsaw. He was appointed by order of the state prosecutor Bogdan Swieczkowski. In the course of this investigation so far arrested 21 people; 6 is currently in custody. It takes approx. 150 prosecutions ws. Reprivatisation of the capital; in several cases already erected charges.

The loudest this type of case – the former estate at Chmielna 70 in Warsaw (plot at the Palace of Culture and Science) – staying in custody suspected of corruption and fraud at the reprivatization of attorney. Robert N. b. Officer James R. Hall and his parents Wojciech Alina R. and D. In January this year. Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Wroclaw set the charges b. The Deputy Director of BGN James R. “trader claims’ attorney. Robert N. and others. According to investigators, in exchange for the issue in 2012.

Ws restitution decision. Chmielna 70, R. N. had to accept from a $ 2.5 million zl financial benefit in the form of a share in a property in Koscielisko. Disclosure in 2016. Details of the case that the plot on which to build a high-rise, explaining the affair resulted in the restitution of the capital. In 2012. Chmielna 70 undeveloped plot – near the Palace of Culture and Science, with a value of approx. 160 million zl – the city awarded to persons who have acquired the claims of heirs: Janusz P., attorney.

Gregory M. and K. Dream (sister attorney. Robert N. suspected of false statements of assets). Mec. Gregory M. in September 2016. Resigned as Dean of the District Bar Council in Warsaw. He referred to a “media attack” on each other. He assured that with the re-privatization has not broken the law or violated ethics advocates.

This Marzena K. b. Official of the Ministry of Justice, which appeared to courts with claims to property on a multi-million zl. It is suspected of false statements of assets – had to conceal the funds obtained within the scope of its multi-million dollar compensation by the courts ws. Number of properties. Since the beginning of June. the legality of administrative decisions ws. reprivatization of Warsaw real estate commission investigating verification. It has already repealed the decisions of the authority of the President of Warsaw: Maciej M. granting rights to two plots of land at ul. hard; granting rights to three people Chmielna 70 .; Maciej M. granting of rights to land plots Sienna 29, to grant the heirs of the former owners of the rights to Poznan on 14 and Marszalkowska 43. In July this year.

Commission annulled the decision ws. Chmielna 70, 2012., recognizing that the city could not pass the rights to it, because the last owner of the plot 2/3 Holger John Henry Martin, as a citizen of Denmark, has been repaid by the Polish government. By annulling the decision as a whole, the commission refused to grant rights to the plot to three people who obtained them in 2012. Last Thursday, the commission examined the appeal filed in the form of requests for retrial. They made them beneficiaries of the 2012 decision. And the mayor of Warsaw (which only questions the justification of the July decision).

Agreement on Brexitu is an honest solution to issues related to divorce + + (ie. Leaving the UK from the EU – PAP) and contains important concessions on both sides. Now, negotiators need to focus on developing the transitional period – rated “The Times”. The newspaper in an editorial believes that these conversations will be easier if the British government refrain from demanding too many deviations from the applicable rules of EU membership. “It would not be in the interest of business. The transitional period aims to ensure that companies do not have to start emergency plans to the fact toughest possible Brexitu and have time to prepare for a new model of relations (with the EU) in the future.

However, the later will be established, the less useful “- underlined. Official pointed out that “having come this far in the negotiations did not have to last as long”, and the delay is mainly due to factional fighting within the ruling Conservative Party. “Prime Minister (Theresa) May too long had a problem with committing to the EU fear that adversely affect its chances of political survival” – assessed. On a more positive note agreement described conservative tabloid “Daily Mail”, which he wrote on the first page: “Let us rejoice! We are on the way.” “After yesterday night flight to Brussels, Prime Minister May returned (to the country) with the breakthrough, which denied the logic of its political opponents. In every negotiation is gaining something, and give up something, but in all three issues (…) (the rights of citizens, the limit Ireland and Northern Ireland., London settlement of financial obligations towards the EU – PAP) May acquired concessions, which most people recognize the unattainable “- said the” Daily Mail “. “On Monday gderajacy critics said that the Prime Minister had never looked so politically weakened. Today we can say that I have never looked so strong,” – he added.

We welcome information on the findings in Brussels also adopted a conservative, “The Telegraph”, who wrote that the British commitment to the EU of up to 39 billion pounds is “the price of freedom.” “Prime Minister May deserves praise for his determination and persistence as minister. Brexitu David Davis and his officials. We have always said that bargaining (with the payforaresearchpaper EU) will be difficult, and so it was. Brinkmanship is the essence of European policy and not the first British Prime Minister had time to work through the night to the morning with swollen eyes from lack of sleep make a statement on the agreement at the last moment “- wrote” the Telegraph “. The daily May “will need to demonstrate a much greater agility than in the last six months,” if you will want to get a positive result in the second phase of negotiations on the future trade agreement between Britain and the EU. “The schedule anticipates the development of a final agreement by October (2018 years), so there is not much time, but at least we are still at the negotiating table,” – added. In turn, the tabloid “The Sun” has estimated that the agreement with Brussels is a blow to the “defeatists who could not wait to defeat Great Britain.” “No agreement is perfect. The amount of the bill, which we paid under financial settlements is difficult to swallow and we want crazed fanatics Court of Justice of the EU and for all to remove from your life. But with compromises on both sides can live and despite these stumbles is a step toward a final agreement, we want “- written. “Perhaps finally figured out (ie.

The EU side – PAP), that we are absolutely serious when we say that we leave. We have seen, however, different nonsensical behavior of Brussels and do not be surprised us, if after the Christmas ceasefire has returned to his old tricks. Premier ( May) must be resolute in further talks, “- he stressed,” the Sun “. United Kingdom started the process of exit from the European Union on March 29 this year. and will leave the Community March 29, 2019 year. From London Jacob Krupa (PAP) killed The man was arrested on Monday. District Prosecutor’s Office Warsaw Wola charged him under Article.

157 p. 2 of the Criminal Code, talking about the violation of function of an organ of the body lasting no longer than 7 days. Fined, or restriction of freedom up to 2 years in prison. As media have, citing, among others, the injured professor of the Institute of History, University of Warsaw, the attack occurred in the first days of September, when the professor spoke German with a colleague from the University of Jena. The scientist was wounded in the head, he reported the matter to the police. According to the media did not react to the attack motorman or virtually none of the pasazerow.zobacz: Police investigating the attack on the UW professor in the tram under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office »ZTM Warsaw gave then that TW intend to introduce full monitoring in those vehicles that do not have it yet ( 40 per cent. of the rolling stock). The company’s management also expressed regret at the driver’s reaction, which did not show proper understanding to the victim.

One of the topics of discussion at Monday’s ministerial meeting of the EU Council. Foreign was the state of the EU’s relations with Russia and the situation in the country after the March presidential election. As reported in the press briefing the head of Polish diplomacy, during the meeting recalled that “Poland expects still return the wreckage of the plane that crashed on 10 April 2010..” “He died president, the elite of the Polish nation and, in accordance with international law, we have the right expect the return of the wreckage and black boxes – it is necessary to conduct an investigation that goes on “- podkreslil.zobacz also Kaczynski: Russia certainly does not give us the wreckage of the Tu-154M» When asked about the reaction of EU foreign ministers on his words, Czaputowicz replied that “there was no discussion on this.” “For sure it has been read, it will be in the minutes; important EU country presented its point of view on policy towards Russia” – dodal.zobacz also Bronislaw Komorowski appeared in the National Prosecutor’s Office for questioning ws. Smolensk catastrophe »According to Foreign Minister conviction the need for unity and integration of the EU’s policy towards Moscow was evident in the speeches of the representatives of most Member States. “in my speech also paid attention to the need to strengthen the system and a sanction here is a consensus that these sanctions have been introduced play a positive role. (.. .) It is aware of the threat from the Russian policy for the EU “- said the minister. Kaczynski also emphasized that – in his opinion – fuel charge “does not bring citizens or companies have no losses.” When asked in the “Guest Messages” why Justice withdrew the proposal to introduce the fuel charge, PiS leader said that the party authorities came to the conclusion that it can cause a psychological reaction, “which takes on the economic sphere.” “As always, in the final analysis, depends on people, depends on people and their behavior; people lead to crises, eg.

In the stock market, because begin to sell something or buy something” – also argumentowal.zobacz: Lapinski: Ideally, to avoid debates provocation and do not react to them »Kaczynski also pointed out that the extra money was to be collected through the fuel charge,” are needed Polish districts and municipalities. ” “They are after necessary to save lives ilestam year, I’m talking about road accidents, because these municipal and county roads are often in poor condition and also lead to fatal accidents” – he argued. For this purpose – reserved PiS leader – “to find a solution zreczniejsze and those that will, that none of the citizens nor any of the businesses will not be believed that his concerns.” Asked if there will be other sources of funding for roads, he assured that, yes. “I think we already have ideas here, but a little too early to talk about it” – he added. The attention of the interviewer journalist that many people were surprised proposal to introduce a fuel duty, Kaczynski admitted that “indeed it was some surprise here.” “And this is a surprise also took into consideration, but I repeat, there was no intention of that to our citizens (…) jakost were struck; the same applies to those who need to use this fuel on a much larger scale, for example. Have Public Transportation “- he stressed. Composed by a group of deputies of Law and Justice draft law on Local Government Road Fund assumed financing the construction or reconstruction of local roads and bridges on regional roads. The fund had a new supply fuel surcharge of 20 cents per liter. According to project fuel surcharge would bring revenues of 4-5 billion zl.

Half of this amount would be credited to the Road Fund for Local Government, and the rest – the National Road Fund. Solution designed criticized opposition politicians, according to which the fuel surcharge of 20 cents per liter would translate into an increase in fuel prices by 25 cents per liter. The Parliament last week conducted a first reading of the draft and did not agree to the proposed PO rejection of the project, which then went for further work in the committee. During the first reading of the draft law on Local Government Road Fund in the Sejm speaker Law and Justice deputy prime minister. The head of government said then that the proposal is “among others, reported by local governments.” She noted that the fund will be to implement an ambitious program to repair local roads in the smallest municipalities. She also said that local governments today often unsuccessfully knocking at the offices of marshals, dominated by the Platform and the Polish Peasant Party and go away empty-handed. MEP Zbigniew applicant Dolata (PiS), said at the time that the law on FDS will facilitate the construction and renovation of 6 thousand. km of roads per year. “We anticipate that the Local Government Road Fund will be the amount of approximately 2.5 billion zl, which is three times more than it was before.

This amount will allow for the construction and renovation of 6 thousand. Km of local roads per year, which will be an impulse for the development Polish” – he said Dolata.zobacz also President on his speech in parliament: It was a moral imperative. Well done “plans to introduce fees criticized the Association of International Road Carriers, which drew attention to the lack of consultation proposals to introduce a charge. In the opinion of the association would lead to the introduction of the fee increase fuel prices and thereby caused a deterioration in the profitability of transport companies, which will fall to virtually zero. in turn, the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers supported the idea of ??creating a Local Government Road Fund. In an interview with PAP president of this compound Stylinski John he said that the works on the construction of new roads provide employment to thousands of people and dozens of companies to provide the same earnings. Talking Walesa and b. Deputy Prime Minister lasted for approx. Half an hour.

Later, at a conference Balcerowicz read the contents of a statement prepared during the meeting. “Civil society should take a more organized form to be able to successfully defend freedom and the rule of law in Poland. What is needed is stronger cooperation between civil society organizations” – posted politycy.Ich opinion, “the opposition civic and political opposition (political parties) are separate but They can and should work together especially when it comes to recording and stopping the destruction of freedom and the rule of law in Poland. “” but it would be harmful utopia to believe that the opposition citizens can replace the political opposition. Success in tackling the systemic destruction of Polish ultimately depends on what the election results “- they assessed.